Text 3 Feb 6 notes Has anyone seen “The Graduate” ???

Update: I’ve literally never met anyone who has seen the damn film, other than my professor for film history, and he is a film critic of forty years. I just like the way the movie ends without words. The way they sit there in that thunderous silence and we know that things aren’t going to be alright, that they won’t have a happily ever after. We know that they are going down a dangerous path and the repercussions of their recent actions show in their expressions so powerfully in those last few frames. It really leaves me wanting to know what happens next. Not in a, “please make a sequel” sort of way, but in a, this could be the start of an entirely different story; one that may be altogether more interesting.

Anyway, I loved the movie, and I’ve really enjoyed every film I’ve seen of Mike Nichols. Closer is one of my top ten films EVER.

That is enough of my ranting. If you haven’t seen the film, you should. Then you will really enjoy Wayne’s World 2 so much more! (=


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