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beatrice sketch commission


beatrice sketch commission

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Link 26 Sep Audio de Juana de Ibarbourou: LA HIGUERA»

Porque es áspera y fea, 
porque todas sus ramas son grises, 
yo le tengo piedad a la higuera.

En mi quinta hay cien árboles bellos, 
ciruelos redondos, 
limoneros rectos 
y naranjos de brotes lustrosos.

En las primaveras, 
todos ellos se cubren de flores 
en torno a la higuera.

Y la pobre parece tan triste 
con sus gajos torcidos que nunca 
de apretados capullos se viste…

Por eso, 
cada vez que yo paso a su lado, 
digo, procurando 
hacer dulce y alegre mi acento: 
«Es la higuera el más bello 
de los árboles todos del huerto».

Si ella escucha, 
si comprende el idioma en que hablo, 
¡qué dulzura tan honda hará nido 
en su alma sensible de árbol!

Y tal vez, a la noche, 
cuando el viento abanique su copa, 
embriagada de gozo le cuente:

¡Hoy a mí me dijeron hermosa!

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I thought this was a latte.

it is a catte.



I thought this was a latte.

it is a catte.

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Personal work, 2014


Personal work, 2014

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another character design in the works! another redesign of my bunny character. will keep you guys and gals updated!

her new nickname will be ‘bunny ronin’ :)

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League of Legends - Riven
Cosplay by Yasemin Arslan
Photo by Beethy Photography


League of Legends - Riven

Cosplay by Yasemin Arslan

Photo by Beethy Photography

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Hope for the Best
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Number 9
Created by Clonerh Kimura || FB


Number 9

Created by Clonerh Kimura || FB

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here’s my guardians piece from start to finish.

this one was a pain in the butt to finish. starlord’s head went through a few drastic changes. i originally drew it too small and narrow. i tried to widen it during the inking stages, but it still wasn’t looking proper. i eventually had to resize his head in photoshop during the coloring stages. i still don’t think it is perfect, but it’s good enough for now..

the rest of the piece was pretty straight forward. and if it wasn’t obvious, my favorite character to draw was gamora :)

Text 22 Sep Trade Secrets

The sound of my feet pounding the pavement bruised my ears and made my head throb. My skull felt as if it would explode at any moment. As gently as I was able, I wiped the blood from my forehead; surprising myself once again at just how much of it there was.

Up ahead and across the street I saw them, with their nearly identical suits, five of them altogether. The larger group was on the opposite sidewalk waiting to cross, and I was moments from walking right into the other two.

I slipped inside an antiques shop and cut through the aisles with as much precision as my quickly blurring vision would allow. The owner began yelling at the site of me, but it came out sounding like canon fire to my tender ears. The back of the shop had a door marked “private” to which I entered without hesitation.

It was a small office with a water closet, a cluttered desk, and various piles of antiques in every state of repair imaginable. I locked the door behind me and went into the WC. There was a small window, large enough to force myself through with a great amount of pain. I went back to the office and grabbed tape and a baggie.

A moment later I heard the suited men pound at the door. I closed and locked the door to the WC and removed my precious cargo. I placed it in the baggie and wrapped it in tape. The door to the office came crashing down.

The suited men stormed in their steps pounding in my ears. I stowed the baggie in the tank of the toilet, replaced the lid and climbed out the window.

I landed and the world tilted. I stumbled for what felt like a minutes down the alley. The world came into focus enough to see three of the suited men had blocked the open end of the alley. I grabbed the duplicate envelope from my jacket and did my best to wad it up.

The other two men were behind me now. They all began to close in.

A door opened to my right and everything exploded.

The first shot hit the man opening the door in the chest, the second clipped my shoulder as I stumbled over the dead man.

The door opened into the hallway of a disheveled apartment complex. I turned the corner to the left just as another volley of shots rained down.

At the end of the hall was the main entrance. My right arm was paralyzed and I struggled to keep my body upright. I burst through the front doors and searched frantically for a way out.

A garbage truck caught my attention as it barreled down the street in my direction. I stepped clear of the entrance and strained to focus on the truck.

My hand gripped the envelope tightly.

The doors burst open.

I threw the envelope.

The final shots rang out.

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It’s a living.


It’s a living.

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The Quokka



Possibly the most harmless creature Australia possesses.

holy shit he is so adorable I WANT 5

fuck 5 I WANT 17

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The sketch choices I did for my recent ImagineFX 114 cover and workshop!
Photoshop CS6 & Wacom Intuos 5.


The sketch choices I did for my recent ImagineFX 114 cover and workshop!

Photoshop CS6 & Wacom Intuos 5.

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